Chabichou du Poitou

shah bee SHOO doo pwah TOO

Rich, dense and smooth, Chabichou du Poitou is a goat's milk cheese with a sweet and delicate taste. Slightly salty, it's a great summertime dessert with dry, white wines.

Origin Loire Valley, France

Production & Aging 1-2 months

Appearance pasteurized goat’s milk cylinder—called a “bonde” in the world of French cheesemaking

Taste & Texture very white and smooth, and flexible to the palate, with a fine caprine odor. Chabichou prances on the palate with flavors of lemon zest, tempered by a deep minerality and the texture of creamy boardwalk fudge

Wine Pairing Suggestions Beaujolais, Chenin Blanc, Côte de Beaune, Pinot Noir, Sancerre

Beer Pairing Suggestions Saison, Wheat

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