secret de fromage #317:

Monks made the first Epoisses. You’d make good cheese too if your boss were omnipresent.

With its strong aroma and deep orange exterior, you might expect Époisses to have a bold flavor. Instead you'll find a smooth and silky cheese with a unique, slightly salty taste. Spread on raisin bread or gingerbread, Époisses is perfect with a sweet white wine at the end of a meal.

Origin Burgundy, France

Production & Aging Washed with Marc de Bourgogne spirit, which gives it a distinctive flavor, and aged at least 4 weeks

Appearance Smooth, washed rind with an orange tint that darkens with age

Taste & Texture Creamy with a strong aroma and a smooth, soft, mouth-watering flavor

Wine Pairing Suggestions Bourgogne Blanc

Beer Pairing Suggestions Belgian Triple, Double IPA, Stout

Similar Cheeses Langres

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